Where To Get Drug Abuse Treatment In Westminster, Colorado?


Where To Get Drug Abuse Treatment In Westminster, Colorado?

Generally there are two kinds of places that provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation: inpatient and outpatient clinics. From the name, it seems that inpatient treatment would be the obvious choice for substance addiction treatment, but in reality it’s not always the most effective one. There is a general rule: the longer a person stays in rehab, the more you can expect from the treatment. That’s why outpatient treatment is often a better option than inpatient.

Usually treatment in outpatient programs lasts from six to twelve weeks and inpatient treatment from three months to six months. It entirely depends on the type of drug addiction and level of impairment.

However the physician wants to see you off illicit substances for a long time. That’s why inpatient treatment is mostly recommended for people who have been addicted to drugs for a long time.

The most common type of treatment is detoxification. It helps to take away the effects of drugs and make the withdrawal symptoms less intense. Usually detoxification is the first step in drug treatment. Detoxification is often performed at inpatient rehabilitation centers.

The next step is counseling. The goal is to deal with the psychological aspects of the addiction and learn the right way of thinking and living.

After that is the so-called rehabilitation therapy. It means learning how to live without drugs, developing social and life skills and using them in everyday situations.

Top Questions About Drug Detox What is drug detox?

Drug detox is the first step of addiction treatment.

It helps in getting rid of the body’s physical dependency on drugs.

Who needs drug detox?

Everyone who has physical addiction to drugs or alcohol should go through this process.

If you have a moderate to severe addiction, it is advised to go to a drug detox center where you can be monitored 24/7 and get immediate help if needed.

How is it done?

The process includes taking a medical history and doing tests to determine the severity of your addiction.

You will be given medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Based on the results, it is determined if you can detox at home or in a rehab center.

What are the withdrawal symptoms?

Detox symptoms include sweating, insomnia, tremors, mood swings, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It is not a pleasant process, but it is the first step towards recovery.

How long does a drug detox last?

Typical drug detox lasts from 3 to 7 days, but this time can be extended if you suffer chronic dependence.

At home you can detox by yourself or with the help of a family member.

In a rehab center, detoxification is done by an anesthesia specialist.

Counseling is an important part of the rehab. It’s a time to reflect on yourself, your behavior, and goals.

The aim of counseling is to change your attitude towards addiction and give you the skills to live a sober life.

The most common types of counseling are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy. It helps you identify and correct the negative thought processes and behaviors related to drug use.

Behavioral therapy. It helps to identify behavioral patterns that lead to drug abuse and change them.

Group therapy. It helps you to learn from the other group members and develops teamwork skills.

Family therapy. It helps to solve the family problems that contributed to addiction. This helps to prevent relapses.

Acupuncture. It helps in drug addiction treatment by suppressing the drug cravings.

Some rehab centers combine different counseling methods.

Rehab is a long process. In most cases, you should plan to spend at least three months in the rehab center.

Where to go for help?

Westminster, CO, has several rehab centers, but you should take your time to find a suitable one. You should ask friends and family for recommendations.

If you already know the rehab center you want to go to, you should tell your doctor and get a referral. You can also call the rehab center and ask for more information about the services they offer.

If you don’t know what rehab services you need, your doctor will examine you and recommend the right treatment.

If you decide to go to a rehab center in Westminster, CO, you should know that there are several types of rehab centers. They differ in the way they provide services and in their cost.

Detox clinics are the cheapest and the least effective way to treat drug addiction. It is possible to find a detox clinic without insurance, but it is not recommended.

Inpatient facilities are for people who have severe addiction and require around-the-clock monitoring.

Short-term facilities are for people with less severe addiction. They provide the same services as inpatient facilities, but people can go home in the evening and on weekends.

Long-term facilities are for people with severe addiction and people who had several unsuccessful attempts to quit drug addiction. It is possible to live in a long-term facility for 6 months or more.

You will need to take time off work and find someone to take care of your family.

What happens during treatment?

The treatment process is different in each rehab center. Sometimes it starts with detox and continues with counseling.

Detox is the first step to recover from drug addiction. It makes the withdrawal symptoms less severe.

Counseling is one of the most important parts of rehab. You will need to discuss your problems, reflect on them, and choose a sober way of life. You should discuss your goals and make a plan to achieve them.

Group therapy helps to develop teamwork skills and encourages you to share your experience with drug addiction with other people. The sessions are led by a group therapist.

Family therapy helps you to solve your family problems. It helps you to understand how your behavior affected your family and how to support them.

Some rehab centers combine different counseling methods. For example, they might use relaxation techniques.

What are the possible outcomes of rehab?

If you have severe addiction and you are in a long-term rehab center

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